Madrid and Barcelona

Last week I returned home after a nine day trip to Spain with my family to celebrate my sister graduating high school. Two of those nine days were spent travelling, three were spent in Madrid, and four were spent in Barcelona. If I write about the details of the trip and everything we did, I … Continue reading Madrid and Barcelona


Taking Breaks and Learning How to Breathe Again

I know I've been shitty about blogging, but I don't really care. I blog on my own time and when I feel like it and for a little while, I've felt really tired. I know I've said that in my past few blogs but the truth is, I'm really depressed and part of my healing … Continue reading Taking Breaks and Learning How to Breathe Again

Note to Self

Gift giving season has finally arrived and man oh man, I LOVE giving people gifts - it's for sure one of my love languages, if not my main one. However, I'm 100% financially independent now, meaning I have more bills and student loans to pay on top of my rent and other monthly expenses. As … Continue reading Note to Self